Day Care, Respite Careand Permanent Residential Care

– The Management Team –

Hankham Lodge is owned and run day-to-day by Peter Sims. Aside from the Owner/Manager the daily care programme of Hankham Lodge is delivered by a staff team of deputy manager, senior care assistants, care assistants, cooks and housekeeper/cleaners.

Management, administration and legal issues Introduction
Sound management and administration provide the foundation for running a home well and for ensuring that the principles of high quality care and respect for residents are put into practice. 

Fitness A fit person
Under the supervision of the CQC – (Care Quality Commission) a person registered must be a fit and proper person to run a home. This means that the management team have been seen to be capable of managing a home and have the relevant business and professional experience. None of the management team has a criminal record nor have they been barred from running a home by another registration authority. Since 2002,CQC (Care Quality Commission) hold a Disclosure and Barring Service check on all care home managers. 

Fitness of premises
The premises has been judged suitable by the CQC. for use as a home in terms of its situation, construction, state of repair, accommodation, staffing and equipment. 

Fitness of purpose
The CQC. are satisfied that the services and facilities offered meet the home’s stated aims and objectives. These relate to choice, privacy, the opportunity for consultation, and general accommodation and services for residents. 

The role of the manager
The tasks of the manager and deputies include the management of staff, the supervision of care the efficient administration of the organisation (record-keeping, domestic organisation, legal matters, financial affairs, upkeep of the buildings and gardens), the management of supplies, support services such as laundry, cleaning, catering and gardening. Perhaps most importantly, the manager of the home is responsible for setting the tone and style of the home in terms of its efficiency, its concern for residents and staff, and its relationships with the outside world. The team at Hankham Lodge provide this.