Day Care, Respite Careand Permanent Residential Care

Required Information

1. The number, relevant qualifications and experience of the staff working at the care home. We encourage all the staff to achieve as higher level of qualifications as possible. Below are brief details of qualifications achieved or working towards Owner/managers: RMA (Registered Managers Award) Deputy Development of in-house training Senior Care Staff N.V.Q. level 2/3 + implementation of in-house training Care Staff N.V.Q. level 2 + in-house training Cooks Relevant qualifications required by the county environmental health authority. Housekeeper In-house training + N.V.Q. (optional) All staff receive a comprehensive Induction, which is completed within 6 weeks of commencing a position.

2. The organisational structure of the care home. Owner/managers: Twenty four hour cover on call Deputy full time Senior Care Staff 3 full time , 2 part time Day Care Staff 3 full time , 4 part time
Night Care Staff 3 night staff share 14 nights on a fortnight rotaCooks 2 job shares Housekeepers 1 x 20 per week 1x 8 hours per week.

3. The age-range and sex of the service users for whom it is intended that accommodation should be provided. General old age both Men and Women.

4. The range of needs that the care home is intended to meet. General care such as is required as a result of old age in both Men and Women.

5. Whether nursing is to be provided. Hankham Lodge provides no unsupervised nursing care. (Any specialised care is only given by the instruction and supervision of a health care professional)

6. Any criteria used for admission to the care home, including the care home’s policy and procedures Hankham Lodge follows the assessment criteria laid down by East Sussex service placement team to determine if care can be provided. See Hankham Lodge admission procedure and documentation.

7. The arrangements for service users to engage in social activities, hobbies and leisure interests. All facilities at Hankham Lodge are available to all residents. In addition, Hankham Lodge provides a minibus for outings and activities and time is made for staff to interact with the residents.

8. The arrangements made for consultation with service users about the operation of the care home. Hankham Lodge runs its own Quality Assurance program and as well as the constant monitoring of the general mood within the home we circulate questionnaires to residents and relatives once a year. Copies of these questionnaires are given to the CQC at inspection and the feedback acts as an external evaluation of the Quality achieved.

9. The fire precautions and associated emergency procedures in the care home. East Sussex Fire Brigade inspects Hankham Lodge at intervals. All fire risk assessments are carried out and reviewed all fire records are checked by the Brigade and the CQC All fire appliances are serviced and recorded annually by “Connaught Fire”

10. The arrangements made for service users to attend religious services of their choice. Hankham Lodge has organized Holy Communion to be held each month. Over and above this any resident wishing to make additional arrangements can do so and the home will help in any way required.

11. The arrangements made for contact between service users and their relatives, friends and representatives. Hankham Lodge is open to visitors at any time, however we do expect consideration at mealtimes and late night visits should be pre-arranged. A telephone handset is communally available but many residents make arrangements for a private line into their own room.

12. The arrangements made for dealing with complaints. On entering Hankham Lodge each resident and their relatives are given a “Service users Guide” where our Complaints Procedure may be found.

13. The arrangements made for dealing with reviews of the service user’s plan referred to in regulation 15(1) (CQC) Each resident has their “Service users Plan” (Care Plan) reviewed monthly by the Deputy Manager and in many cases more often than this. If any substantial changes are required a meeting is set up between the Staff, the service user and a relative or representative.

14. The number and size of rooms in the care home. Hankham Lodge has 20 single bedrooms, 3 bathrooms equipped with mobility aids, 1 wet room, 2 lounges a dining room and a kitchen. All rooms are well proportioned providing a homely and warm atmosphere in a country house setting.

15. Details of any specific therapeutic techniques used in the care home and arrangements made for their supervision. Hankham Lodge outsources massage therapy, chiropody and ‘extend’ exercising. If requested we will attempt to arrange other therapies as needed.

16. The arrangements made for respecting the privacy and dignity of service users. All activities, training and policies at Hankham Lodge have been designed, written and are carried out with privacy and dignity in mind.